AAPACE was created out of a need to improve healthcare standards within the post-acute care arena. As patients are living longer, many with comorbidities, since treatment options, admissions and discharges from healthcare facilities are often influenced by insurance companies, it is essential that the care provided is maximized to achieve the best patient outcomes.

In addition, it is these factors that also contribute to the increasing demand of the nursing role as nurses provide the majority of care for this patient population. However, despite the increase in expectations for nurses, the support, resources and training for nurses are commonly lacking or completely absent. This problem is further exacerbated with the lack of standardization and collaboration amongst healthcare facilities within the post-acute care network. Without sufficient resources, effective communication, collaboration, standardization of facilities, evidence based guidelines, and updated policies, the nurses cannot perform to their maximum potential.

AAPACE is a community of voices consisting of nurses and other healthcare professionals working together through collaboration, education and advocacy to enhance the quality of post-acute care.

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Hana Malik, DNP, APRN-CExecutive Director